As a parent you will no doubt want your child to enjoy their involvement in rugby union in a safe, friendly environment where there are opportunities to learn and develop rugby skills while also having fun.

The enjoyment, safety and education of children in rugby union is also vital to the sustainability of the game. While rugby has a reputation for being “dangerous” it is a surprisingly safe sport.

Children are introduced gradually to the sport through a system known as “the curriculum”; the process of starting young children with a non-contact form of the game, and introducing the more physical elements as the children grow up, so they don’t have to endure pushing in scrums, tackling and jumping in line-outs until they’re much older, and their bodies are strong enough.

In addition to this, changes have been brought in to make the game as safe as possible. Mouth guards are now mandatory and many players wear head guards. Coaches are aware of the need to make sure that training and matches are tailored to the age groups involved and are safe.

Whilst particular attention is made to the safety of children, this is also an issue that is constantly monitored for adults, with rule changes being made where necessary. Rugby is played in over 100 countries and is the most popular team sport in nations such as Japan, Fiji, and Wales. This sport could not be as popular as it is among the peoples of so many different cultures if it were so dangerous! In fact, the risk of injury in rugby is relatively low compared to many other sports.

The following gear is recommended for all BBRFC Celtic players.

Rugby Boots: Only plastic soles please. We use a high tech artificial surface on our pitch at the VUB. Metal studs are not allowed, as they damage the pitch.

Rugby Jerseys: For matches and tournaments team shirts will be provided on the day to the U16 and U18. Younger players MUST bring their own jersey to matches. Jerseys can be bought from Rugby Store Ixelles (Avenue de la Couronne 480 in Ixelles). For training you may wear any jersey you like, but no hoodies!

Shorts and socks: For matches and tournaments please wear dark blue shorts and red & green socks, which you can buy from Rugby Store Ixelles.

Gum shield: Gums shields must be worn, both for training and our matches tournaments. You may buy these from any sports shop. Note that gum shields must be moulded to the shape of the player's mouth (using boiling water), in order to be effective. This is quick and easy to do, so please don't forget. Instructions usually come with every gum shield.

Scrum cap: Scrum caps protect the head against possible hits and collisions.

Balls: The school provides all balls for training and matches.

Please remove jewelry, watches & piercings before playing and do not wear hoodies or anything that could potentially get caught and cause whiplash.

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