As to what makes rugby so fantastic, next to all the things on the pitch, the BBRFC Celtic emphasizes a strong social commitment off the pitch. We have a dynamic social calendar running throughout the year which we feel is an important part of our success as a club.

Ever since the beginning of BBRFC way back in 1968 or the creation of Celtic in 1998 our club has had a vibrant social scene not just as far as Belgian & International rugby is concerned but, we are also known within the Brussels international community at large for our parties and social occasions.

We open the season with the Captain’s Cocktail, in which the skippers of all our squats are cheering to their teammates and deliver Braveheart-like speeches to their troops. The last years we have even celebrated on an actual boat, the best ambience for pirates and sailors to salute the men and women in charge – aye, aye BBRFC Captains!

As Brussels’ biggest expats club, we attract interest of ever more players, often coming to Belgium for the first time, as trainees, students or just starting their work in the European Institutions or elsewhere. We organise through the season small and big events to integrate new players to our Club and introduce them to our Rugby banter. Frequent bar- hopping becomes quite a shameless opportunity for us to mix and sample Belgium’s unparalleled variety of fine beers, whilst showing the newbies those restaurant that serve à la volonté of course. We believe that a good social glue between the teammates will pay out at the pitch.

Our Clubhouse, the Ruck ‘n Maul is the social heart of the BBRFC Celtic. Here is where we go after training and matches to enjoy food and beverages. The pub has witnessed many legendary 3rd half times, spooky Halloween and nutty Carnival Parties, endless beer-pong games and not to forget about the infamous Tabasco-Tradition. European Cup, 6 Nations and the Rugby World Cup are watched best here with your Rugby mates and a cold pint in your hand.

Then there are the very well attended Christmas events in venues often too fancy for our own good and in recent years we have even hosted our Christmas party on a double decker bus and toured the bright lights of Brussels before adjourning to one of its best known night spots. These degenerate into an all-night frenzy and disconcerting display of quivering, spasmodic or swaying and unsteady dance moves by pretty much all present.

Touch, men and women’s sections of the club organize annual “rugby” tours and in recent years we have flown or travelled en masse to Prague, Budapest, Stockholm, Cork, Sofia, Tallinn, Barcelona, Vienna, Massachusetts & New Hampshire, Provence, Bavaria, Catalonia & Aragon, Munster, Lombardy, Languedoc-Roussillon, and Andalusia to name but several locations. That’s a tour a year and always, of course, to somewhere where high culture, history and the odd beverage beckons!

Even after season, a jolly bunch of players is always out there to visit the many Beach Rugby tourneys in Europe or to just lit a BBQ. So be very welcome to discover the BBRFC Celtic from the social side of life.

Once a BC, always a BC !

Ladies and gentlemen, although you may have retired from Rugby, you may have moved out of the country, or perhaps you have died, you will always be a BBRFC or Celtic alumni! And, as a result, we would like to invite you to become a Vice President of BBRFC Celtic! To become a club VP we suggest you make a small contribution every season and you will be entitled to many benefits, like for example VIP Box seating at all home matches and stories about your past prowess on-and-off the pitch being duly inflated to the new recruits.

Plus you can rest in peace with the knowledge that your favourite Rugby club and your legacy will live on!

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